Sally was better than the best high school counselor. Day 1, she knew exactly what to do to guide me through the overwhelming tasks of selecting classes, considering extracurricular activities, and looking into college and job options. Sally not only knows her profession to the "T", but she's SUPER friendly and knows how to care for you and work WITH you. With a smile on her face and an attentive ear, Sally is one of the best people cut out for her job.

-- Bryson Marks (GVHS Student)

I would have to say that my experience with educational bureaucracies has not been universally satisfactory or positive. However, when my son was having trouble making his way smoothly through high school, one person stayed with him and took him all the way to graduation. Sally Ingraham was the counselor at his high school who, more than anyone else encouraged him and guided him through the maze of adolescence. She was like another caring parent for him and never gave up.

Ms. Ingraham has what can only be called "people power" in the sense of being persistent in such a compassionate way that one cannot ignore. Her skills are unquestionable and her quick wit, perceptive intelligence, and stubborn good-humor make her one of the most persuasive people I know. My son recognized an honest outsider who was sincerely intent upon his success and responded appropriately as a result.

I donít know if Ms. Ingraham can work miracles, but she is a hero in my book. Her honest and affable nature will always play well with those who value real connections and the truth. Sheís been able to bring people around for the benefit of all. Iíve rarely seen such a hard-working straight-shooter with such a good and optimistic attitude.

-- Edward P. Blanchard (parent) Merced, California

Thank you for the counseling and assistance you provided to our son, Tom, during the four years at Golden Valley High.The guidance you provided helped him to make relevant decisions to take the necessary classes to go on to college. Tom graduated from UC Merced and now works for the University.

-- KoCo Martinez (parent) Merced, California